Education Post Earthquake:

The January 12th, 2010 earthquake left the Haitian population confused, mourning their lost, lost of lives, infrastructures such as houses, businesses and schools. For many students, Tuesday January 12th was only their second day of school. On April 5th, the government requested that schools reopened. But the question is how? When they have lost their houses, book bags, books, schools are collapsed… Understanding the many difficulties that the parents are facing, KORE TIMOUN steps in to help through different activities:

  • Distributing school supplies to 1780 students
  • Distributing materials (blackboards, desks, chalks…) to six (6) schools in the Port-au-Prince and Cornillons
  • Assuming payroll of teachers in these schools.

For the September entrance, KORE TIMOUN will continue its work in our 8 schools throughout Haiti. Our reward is the smile on a child face receiving school supplies and their proud at wearing their uniforms!

Help us send a child to school and provide one nutritious meal a day!



    Now is the time where fun meets kids! This summer we are expecting 1,300 youngsters!  Having fun with instruction is our goal! Daily activities will start at 8:00AM with breakfast, continue with activities with the different monitors and will close with lunch…
Donate to Summer Camp! All types of donation are welcome.


Life Skills:

‘Leçon de vie’ (Life skills) is a 12 yrs old program adapted to life post quake. We have given them a child-friendly space with monitors and a chance to get back to their routine at a time where most did not know what to do; we have tried and successfully instilled in the children the joy of learning new skills such as floral art, cooking, computer sciences…; feeling of belonging and a sense of worth through the teaching of their rights and duties as citizen, moral and civic values… The smiles on their faces when they ‘get it’ say it all!  In this program children learn different skills that will later help them earn their living. They learn good health habits and hygiene! They also receive materials to practice what they have learned.

 Donate to Life skills program! Help us purchase their material!


Health and nutrition:

 So many children go hungry in Haiti! We have met and seen children using salt under their tongue for just a feeling of fullness as they drink more water. We provide at least one nutritious meal to kids in and out of school as well as distributing vitamins supplements.


Education for all:
In the aim of offering a good education to all our children, KT Foundation/Kore Timoun partners with schools in Port-au-Prince and the provinces to receive our children. We also have two schools “free of charge” in Savanne Rouge (North of Haiti) and Port-au-Prince. In these schools, the entire education is our responsibility from building rent to teachers’ fees to school supplies...

Our learning Center teaches sewing, floral art, computer sciences etc…

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            September is fast approaching and with the last earthquake, parents need help more than any other time. Haitians, even with their love for education often find themselves choosing which one of their children to send to school due to economic hardship. Kore Timoun is fighting for ‘education for all’ to really mean something. Help us rebuild Haiti through education…

We welcome your monetary and kind donation. These children need uniforms, school supplies, tuition…

Help us rebuild!

One of our schools was completely collapsed during the earthquake. It housed a primary, secondary as well as one of our learning centers.

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