As part of our out-reach and community program, teenagers volunteered to tutor the adults who did not have the opportunity to receive an academic education. They meet four times a week for two hours a day to learn math and letters. Although this program involves a full primary curriculum, it also includes a one-year fast track alphabetization program. All materials chalks, board, pens, pencils, books and such are provided by the Foundation. This service is free of charge.

Tuition Sponsorship:
KT Foundation sponsors forty-five children in primary and secondary schools as well as college students. We also help our members by paying any courses necessary to their success. Our sponsorship program is possible due to the generosity of our donors.

Summer Camp:
KT Foundation also hosts different summer camps that support our mission. During these periods, children received not only and academic education but also are thought different skills that will certainly carry them through life. Psycho-social activities, language learning, dance, music and art are many of our learning system.



Our health performance includes:
1) Training sessions for both children and adults on current health issues and sanitation.
2) Health care deliveries/ payment to those in need.
3) Cleaning of hospitals.
4) Purchasing of medications.



One of the major problems in Haiti is the lack of a balanced meal. Too many kids are left hungry day-by-day. We met children who used salt under their tongue to increase their water intake and get a sensation of fullness. Children go to school, come back, study and sometimes sleep without not even one (1) meal for the day. In order to counteract this problem, KT Foundation distributes food and cooking ingredients once a month to the disadvantaged families. We also distribute food to needed areas after natural catastrophes.


Economic Stability:

The unemployment rate in Haiti is as high as 70%. Parents unable to respond to the needs of their children often lose their pride and feel useless. We believe that parents should be an integral part of their kids life on every level; Being involve and able to make decisions do bring the family closer. We seek to give each parent a mean to live and to gain autonomy.
Through our micro-credit program, we invest in the lives of the needed parents and help them reach their goals. We also provide guidance and business counseling to each one of our beneficiaries until they become financially independent.


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