KT Foundation/Kore Timoun was created with the aim of educating and preparing the next generation to be better world citizens and to equip them with skills necessary to succeed in their individual’s field of interest. We, as a not-for-profit foundation, have been working with parents, children, guardians and organizations to provide educational, financial, psychological and spiritual support and guidance to the families of our children as well as our members.
        KT Foundation/Kore Timoun has been working supporting Haitian children in different departments of the country for the past twelve years. Our activities include tuition sponsorship, health care activities, public hospitals cleaning and support, free clinic services, nutritional formation, food distribution, summer camp, free tutoring, alphabetization and housing program.



Mission Statement:

        Haiti being the poorest country of the western hemisphere is struggling with a high rate of illiteracy and unemployment; our children are often left to their own devise and without parental supervision while parents/guardians are out looking for food; the youth often feels helpless, discouraged without means of success; parents are illiterate and live without any definite social structure and most working adults are paid less than $1.00 a day. We have decided to create a foundation that will provide an adequate environment to promote self esteem, leadership, autonomy and build confidence and pride. We understand that a country's well being and development depend on the level of education and health of its population. We aim to educate and transform the lives of our children for a better tomorrow. These children, being our pride and our future deserve all our attention. Together let's train and prepare them for the upcoming life challenges.

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